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Mindblender | 2013 | April

2013 April


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TMI or Too Much Information is an expression we employ when someone starts to share details about their lives that we do not care to hear. You know, the night they just spent at this club in Prague . . . ‘you wouldn’t believe what happened!’ Yes, yes I would you say and then saving yourself the scars on your soul, you employ the TMI pleading.
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Our Planning Is CRAP

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And by CRAP, I do mean lousy, but I am also offering up an (hopefully handy) acronym which we will get to in more detail momentarily. But first, a message from our nature. Humans have a special capacity to think about the future while still being in the present moment. This is powerful and dangerous – especially when the present demands our full attention. This knowledge that the future exists is also very destabilizing and drives us to want to gain a (large) measure of control over what happens next. It is this anxiety that drives our enjoyment of literature and film – as soon as you stop caring about what happens next, you aren’t likely to keep paying attention (or at least you shouldn’t – life is too short, don’t waste another moment on something that doesn’t keep your interest … including this post). Read More