Our Philosophy

We specialize in collaborative critical thinking. We live in an age where it is possible to blend the experiences, viewpoints, insights, and expertise of a diverse set of people, and channel them through a rigorous critical thinking approach. It isn’t easy to do; we know that. But we also know how to do it.

We are in love with questions. Questions really are more important than answers: if the quality of the question is low, the quality of the answer will be too.

We honor complexity. Interdependencies and relationships are the defining principles of most systems. The key to succeed is not to try to tame complexity, but to understand and work with it, perhaps even becoming anti-fragile.

Our Contribution

You provide the rest!

  • Critical Thinking

  • Process Improvement

  • Cultural Analysis

  • Group Dialogue

  • Gamification

Greg Hart

Greg Hart

Founder / President

Greg is a critical thinking and ergonomics expert who has worked with some of the most recognized global companies (and some of the smallest local ones!). A serial entrepreneur, Greg has been trailblazing his own path for more than 25 years. When he isn't blending minds, you might find Greg refereeing professional lacrosse.

Ryan Donaldson

Ryan Donaldson

Founder / Designer

Making the jump from finance to videogames over 8 years ago, Ryan worked at EA and did consulting for Microsoft before co-founding Embassy Interactive, where he headed up business, design, and production. He took Embassy through acquisition before doing design for several worldwide brands.