Better Ideas

We think differently. We can help you connect what is important. We can help make you anti-fragile.


Strategic Design

Strategic planning has become a core component of organizational activity and yet a lot of it happens in very mechanical ways with the plan either gathering dust on a shelf or restricting the movements of the organization in unhelpful ways as things change. We can work with you to do strategic design, a way of creating a compass to use that is flexible to emerging issues and opportunities while maintaining discipline about the key principles, brand behaviours and mission of the organization.

Check For Alignment

Is your organization working effectively? Is it aligned with its purpose? We can do an assessment to see where the organization is or isn’t in alignment and make recommendations for adjustments so that all the effort is moving in the right direction.

Anti-fragility, Resilience, and Robustness

There is a continuum that runs from fragile to anti-fragile, and it relates to how effectively an individual, a group, or even a designed product responds to the presence of volatility.

Fragile things break and anti-fragile things get better. Other points on the continuum include robustness (resisting the effects of volatility) and resilience (maintaining structure and then adapting or even transforming as a result of volatility).

People and organizations have recognizable traits that make them more or less fragile. Becoming anti-fragile is the best response to the unknown future.

Keynote Presentations

These are a series of presentations that are inspiring, interactive, funny and provocative. Ideal for lunch and learns, conferences and forums. They can be as short as a 20×20 presentation lasting less than seven minutes up to a 90 minute session including interactive activities (because that is way too long to sit and listen to even the most interesting speaker!)

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