Better Thinkers

Through the powerful lens of critical thinking, we can help make people aware of their thinking. This leads to better ideas, better relationships, and better thinking.


Lens of Critical Thinking

Thinking and its products are largely unconscious. We are driven by unstated beliefs and unexamined assumptions. We engage in all sorts of routines to dispel cognitive dissonance and we fall into thinking traps that our brains set for us. We value answers more than questions.

We help you unwind this knot of challenges so that you can more effectively consider the quality of your own thinking and that of others. This results in better ideas, better relationships, and better thinking.

Critical Thinking Courses

There are a variety of courses ranging from two hour introductory modules to multi-week explorations of the nature of critical thinking so that individuals or whole organizations can become more skilled at understanding and acting on the data and information that is constantly bubbling up in the world.

Check For Understanding

Sometimes we need help figuring things out. There is a lot of truth in the forest for the trees metaphor. When we operate closely to an issue we begin to develop what Chip and Dan Heath have called the ‘curse of knowledge.’ We can help you with this by giving a disciplined, critical thinking based view from the outside.