Embracing Complexity

There are many interactions and no root causes. Complexity is shockingly difficult to understand sometimes, and that is why we implement complicated hierarchical structures to try and control it. This leads to wasted effort and decreased understanding. The answer is to understand and work WITH the complexity we encounter. Embrace complexity and eliminate complications.


Process Development

People and organizations create all sorts of processes to do all sorts of things. This is one of the contributors to organizational complication and confusion. We can work with you to streamline processes so that they are logical, simple, flexible, robust and aligned with cultural and strategic interests.

Interface Review and Design

Whether it is analog (real life) or digital (through software), interfaces are places where relationships happen. Every time we reach out for a door handle, read a document, interact with a product, cook in our kitchens, load a web page, or greet a customer at our counter, we are engaging in important and often subconscious relationships. There are two directions this can go: Towards complicatedness (very bad) or towards simplicity (very good). We’ll help you move towards simplicity.