The League of Uncommon Sense


People talk about common sense all the time, but it isn’t clear to us how common it is, or how much sense it actually makes. What is clear to us, and probably to you, is the need for what might be called unusual or uncommon sense to tackle the ever-emerging and shifting challenges we encounter every day.

In the spirit of blending minds, diversity is the thing that matters most. If you are trying to make something different or better, blending more of the same ingredients is pointless. Some volatility is essential. Diversity is where we find that influence. On the other hand, managing diverse and – shall we say – ‘eclectic’ minds and their associated personalities can present difficult challenges for many organizations.

Mindblender has taken care of this, by assembling an incredibly diverse group of great minds that do NOT think alike – we call them The League of Uncommon Sense. The group is 30 strong, and includes artists, scientists, magicians, teachers, CEOs, inventors, screenwriters, filmmakers, best-selling authors, philosophers, provocateurs, raconteurs, and many others. All of them interesting, and none of them shy about sharing their viewpoint. This gives us the luxury of consulting and organizing these various perspectives to enhance the work that we do for our clients. We can bring the benefit of volatility and diversity without the barriers and challenges of finding and managing it. We can import some uncommon sense.


Join The League

Perhaps you think you should be part of the Mindblender virtual team? Maybe you have a viewpoint that is unique, and you are good at sharing it? We are always interested in growing the team. Please fill out the attached form. All submissions will be treated with the strictest confidence, and no one will ever share your contact information.

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