Meaningful Engagement

There is such a thing as human nature, and there are predictable ways that we operate on our own or in groups. Understanding these realities and working with them is much more successful than pretending they don’t exist and having it blow up in our faces all the time.


Constructing Dialogue

Dialogue is a way of speaking WITH each other that focuses on finding a shared understanding of issues. An approach that is far superior to debates and discussions since it leads to greater understanding and prepares the ground for making confident decisions. Dialogue is a container that needs to be built and supported so that the conversation can prosper inside it. We can help you learn to created these containers and practice the conversation.

Facilitation Techniques

A workshop in a variety of active facilitation techniques that harness the discipline of critical thinking to combine with a number of provocative techniques that guarantee high levels of participant engagement leading to effective outcomes.

Event Facilitation

Creating and facilitating forum events that are based in generative critical thinking. Exchange endless slide presentations for substantial and engaged questioning tied to well-reasoned judgment.

Cultural Analysis

Peter Drucker famously said that culture eats strategy. This raises a few questions. What are you feeding your culture and what does your culture prefer to eat? Culture is a context and it is powerful. People are subconsciously influenced by it at every step and turn. We will expose your culture’s silent messages and then work with you to see how it fits with your strategic interests. We can let you know if your culture is contributing to fragility or anti-fragility.

Presentation Design

Delivering a presentation with slides has become part of contemporary culture. Everyone will have to deliver one someday. These are great opportunities for the presenter and the audience, but only if there is a coherent use of story, images, and voice. We will work with you to develop your presentation for maximum effect. We can also teach a workshop for your group.

Gamification Design

People love to play games. Leveraging the key design principles that make games fun, we can create more engaging and meaningful experiences for you and your customers. Whether it’s an entertaining learning system used to train employees, or an all-new customer loyalty program, we can help. Who says work can’t be fun?